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BridgeHealth’s High Performance Program affords providers the opportunity to experience true incremental volume from beyond their traditional service areas. Our program comprises top-quality providers, which gives you the recognition you’ve earned for having excellent surgical outcomes. BridgeHealth pre-pays a bundled case rate for each surgical case, effectively reducing cumbersome billing functions – all while providing the highly desired bundling guidance that an increasing number of providers are seeking in today’s healthcare industry.

BridgeHealth Provider Quality

BridgeHealth administers the entire process for the plan member, while maintaining close coordination with the carrier/administrator for eligibility verification, medical necessity and reporting.

Surgical Procedure Categories

Incremental Commercial Volume

BridgeHealth will be presenting cases that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. These cases may be coming from 30 miles, 100 miles or a flight away from provider’s location. These participants are provided economic and quality incentives to self-select into the BridgeHealth program.

Positioning Against Competition

BridgeHealth partners with a limited number of providers in each market. In addition to limited exclusivity, BridgeHealth offers inclusion into a national high performance program targeting Fortune 500 companies. This approach delivers a strong competitive advantage and an opportunity to corner the market by steering volume to the provider based on its top-tier quality scores.

Prospective Payment

Oftentimes, more than half of a provider’s claims are outstanding for upwards of 90 days. With BridgeHealth, we alleviate the need to wait for payments. You will receive pre-payment on contracted surgeries. BridgeHealth administers billing and any collection functions for providers, so there’s no A/P function tasked with trying to collect any payments.

  • No requirements to collect copay
  • No requirement to collect deductible
  • No fee for service collections

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